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Ed Snider: The Last Sports Mogul


ISBN: 978-1629379845


Most sports team owners make their money elsewhere and purchase a team as an extravagant hobby – but that is not the story of Ed Snider. One of the few owners in history to get control of a franchise by mortgaging nearly everything to his name, the longtime Philadelphia Flyers chairman would go on to form the billion-dollar empire of Comcast-Spectacor and cement his standing as one of the most influential businessmen in the city's history.


Snider was ambitious and entrepreneurial, though extraordinarily demanding of those that worked for him. He was affectionate with his loved ones, yet often showed a surprising lack of emotional intelligence. His staunch capitalist beliefs contrasted his progressive-minded views on the business of hockey and in sharing his wealth with those in need.


The Last Sports Mogul embraces all sides of Snider to form a complex portrait of the unparalleled figure once named Philadelphia’s greatest mover and shaker of the millennium.



Alan Bass is a published author and freelance writer who has covered topics ranging from psychology to sports to business. A New Jersey native, he received his B.A. in Psychology from Muhlenberg College, where he did in-depth scientific research on various topics, including psychological effects of music on emotion and athletic development in sports.

A small business owner, Alan enjoys writing as a side hobby and has contributed to multiple published works. His first book, The Great Expansion: The Ultimate Risk That Changed the NHL Forever, was published in 2010. His second book, Professional Hockey in Philadelphia: A History, was published in 2020. His most recent book, Ed Snider: The Last Sports Mogul, was published in 2022. His writing experience has taken him from The Hockey News Magazine and Model Retailer to freelance work that has been featured on, and more.

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